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Organising Chaos

31 March 2021: For our second Lunch & Learn series of 2021, we were joined by Fariz Bashirov. As the Product Leader at smava GmbH, Fariz gave his advice around maintaining organisation amongst the chaos when facing situations where nothing is clear.

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Breaking DevOps

20 January 2021: The concept of DevOps is lived in many corporations, at least they think so… Let’s discuss this fuzzy terminology – let’s break DevOps.

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Rust vs Go

10 December 2020: Rust and Go are modern up-and-coming languages, but are they ready for your applications?

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Ansible Automation in the Workplace

26 November 2021: For the very first in our Lunch & Learn series, we were joined by DevOps Architect, Heiko Borchers!

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Building Reliability and Data Evolution

24 November 2020: A look into Kolibri Games’ data evolution and advice on building a reliable real-time GTFS-RT data processing pipeline on top of Kafka/Kafka.

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SRE & Working From Home

26 August 2020: We’re back again with our third SRE Republic virtual meetup! It was a great evening with some fantastic insights into the world of SRE and the new world of work we’re finding ourselves in.

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