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Frontend insights with Miro

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CTO Roundtable

Leadership Styles for Diverse Teams

29 April 2022: The focus of this meetup was to discuss top tips and actionable advice around implementing effective leadership styles to encourage a successful and diverse engineering team.

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CTO Roundtable, Events

Transformation Programmes

10 March 2022: In our most recent CTO Roundtable, the question posed to the group was; what are the essential aspects of a transformation programme that ensures it keeps moving at pace?

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The Rise of the Contingent Workforce

In an age of Digital Transformation, companies desperately need access to skilled professionals who can help them complete this journey. To gain access to this new generation of talent, businesses have to redefine their staff augmentation and talent acquisition strategies, open their minds, and leverage the talent they need – wherever it might come from.

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10 Books Every DevOps Enthusiast Must Read

By keeping up to date with the latest industry trends, tools and technologies you can be sure you’ll become a better practitioner in the art and science of DevOps.

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How to Make Your DevOps Team Successful

In today’s digital world, DevOps is becoming more and more crucial to business success. From increasing speed, reducing cost, and bettering control and quality of delivery, organisations are rapidly adopting the principle, and transforming their teams to work in a more agile way in order to reap the benefits that DevOps can bring. So, what does it take to build a winning DevOps team?

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Q & As

What makes a successful DevOps professional?

Looking back on how DevOps has evolved, and where this evolution will continue into the future, Ian Miell, Lead OpenShift Architect at a Tier 1 Bank sheds light on how professionals and businesses can work to ensure the success of their DevOps initiatives.

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Has the rate of change in DevOps led to a boom in non-standardised technologies?

Bryan Ross, Platform Engineering Manager at a large, well-known media company, discusses how DevOps fits into the world of digital transformation, how it will continue to evolve in the years to come, and how – despite this focus on technology – the importance of soft skills and drive cannot be underestimated by candidates or businesses alike.

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Why is integration so important in today’s digital world?

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Wheeve, Jon Boxall, with experience in both enterprise architecture and integration architecture, shares his thoughts on how the space has developed, and continues to develop, in response to technology and digital transformation, and how both integration and enterprise architecture are helping businesses to evolve and keep up in today’s digital world.

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