Are Tech Meetups the Key to Attracting Top Tech Talent?

Caitlin Edwards

As a tech professional meet-ups are a fundamental way to network with like – minded individuals, stay up to date on industry trends and keep developing professionally.

But how can attending meet-ups benefit you business and help you to attract top tech talent?

Here are just a few ways…

Increased Visibility

Particularly now that most meet-ups and events are happening remotely, this removes the geographical barrier to attending meet-ups and is a great way to get your company seen by tech talent an even bigger scale.

Recruiting Talent

As a business you want employees who are forward thinking and able to collaborate.

Attending tech meet-ups is a great way to find this top tech talent as the individuals who attend are showcasing a willingness to learn and share knowledge.

Many community events and meet-ups are focused around a particular technology or topic in the industry. If you have niche roles you are trying to fill within your tech team, going to meet-ups on that specific area in tech will help you to find tech professionals that work in that space.

That’s not all. Events and meet-ups aren’t only organised and attended by tech professionals but recruiters too. If you are struggling to fill a role, attending community events is also a way to meet specialist recruiters who have built a strong network within that area of tech.

Industry Insights

In the ever evolving world of tech, one of the main reasons tech professionals attend meet-ups is to keep their knowledge of new and upcoming technologies up to date. Speaking at an event or featuring as part of a meet-up is an excellent way to position your company as subject matter experts (SMEs) and industry leaders in a certain area of the industry. This will help you to stand out in a competitive market and attract that top tech talent.

Alongside promoting your company, community events are an effective way to make sure you as a business have your finger on the pulse when it comes to industry trends and market changes.


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